MahJong Medley

MahJong Medley

MahJong Medley is an entertaining and addictive board game
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If you are looking for an entertaining and addictive board game, you should try MahJong Medley. This game will surely attract your attention with dozens of exciting layouts.
A game mode that many users are familiar with is the Classic MahJong where all you have to do is to match the similar tiles and empty the board. The fact that it provides another 3 more gameplay types makes MahJong Medley different than the other MahJong games. You can either choose to play the Ten mode where you have to click on 2 tiles that sum 10, the Addiction mode that brings you a board where you need to arrange the tiles in a numerical order, or you can try the Freecell game where you will have to match the identical tiles that are on the edge of the board.

If you find yourself in a situation where you can't make any moves, but you still have tiles left to match, you can always undo your last action, reshuffle the tiles or restart the level.

The faster you finish emptying the board the bigger the bonus score will be. After you complete a level, your progress will be automatically saved and you will be able to choose another layout to solve.

Therefore, it's worth trying MahJong Medley, a captivating game that will entertain you for hours with its challenging layouts.

Ashley Griggs
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  • autosaved progress
  • thousands of layouts available


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